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Aphrodite: Goddess of Love is the sixth book in the Olympians series. This is the story of Aphrodite and the powerful sway she holds over Mount Olympus and the mortal realm. Why is Aphrodite said to be the oldest of all gods, and how did she come to be? Learn this and more, and meet her famous son, Eros, in Aphrodite.

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Aphrodite Reader’s Guide

1. Aphrodite is an unusual Olympian, in that she’s the only one who married into the family as opposed to being related to Zeus. Why do you think that is important?

2. Paris chose Aphrodite to win the golden apple of Eris. Who would you have chosen, and why?

3. Pygmalion wished for Aphrodite to bring his statue to life. What would you wish for from Aphrodite?

4. There are several different candidates for the father of Aphrodite’s son Eros put forth in this book. Who do you think was Eros’s dad and why?

5. Why do you think that Zeus was so afraid of Aphrodite’s power? And why do you think he wanted Paris to be the one who judged among the goddesses?

6. Eris is just about the worst person you could ever invite to a party. Why did Zeus let her into the wedding? Who else do you think would be an awful guest?

7. Very few people believe in the Greek gods today. Why do you think it is important that we still learn about them?