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Ares: God of War is the seventh book in the Olympians series. This book tells the exciting story of the Trojan War, and the Gods’ interference in this epic battle. War-lover Ares butts heads with Athena, goddess of military victory–and their conflict will have repercussions for generations to come.

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Ares Reader’s Guide

1. Who do you like better, Ares or Athena? Who would you rather meet? Who do you think you are more similar to?

2. Why do you think that Zeus dislikes Ares so much? Was it nice to say those things in front of everybody?

3. The gods get in a big fight with one another in this book. Who are some of the gods that you would like to see fight each other?

4. How many soldiers are in this book? You should totally count them (don’t really, you’ll go crazy).

5. Where do you think Demeter, Hestia, and Dionysos were during this book?

6. This is the first volume of Olympians in which that tricky George didn’t sneak in the line “Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain left standing.” What do you think about that?

7. Ares is arguably the most handsome of the gods, but also arguably the most violent. Why do you think that is?

8. Very few people believe in the Greek gods today. Why do you think it is important that we still learn about them?