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Hades: Lord of the Dead is the fourth book in the Olympians series. This is the story of Hades, the powerful king of the Underworld, and how he met his wife, Persephone. Brother to Zeus and Poseidon, Hades has always been a little bit different. Learn about how he became king of the Underworld, and why this dark place is his realm.

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Hades Reader’s Guide

1. Hades is in love with Kore, so he kidnaps her to the Underworld. Is this an appropriate way to let someone know you like them? How could he have done it differently?

2. Which version of the Greek afterlife do you like better, the one described at the beginning, or Persephone’s version?

3. The ancient Greeks considered it bad luck to say Hades’s name, and instead came up with many titles for him, like The Wealthy One, or the Zeus of the Underworld. What would some other good labels for him be? How about the other Gods?

4. If you were Persephone, would you rather stay with Hades or Demeter? How come?

5. In a lot of modern stories, people show Hades as a bad guy. Do you think Hades is a bad guy? How about Demeter? Was it fair that she turned Parthenope and Leukoesia into Sirens?

6. What on earth was Tantalos thinking when he cut up his son Pelops and tried to feed him to the Olympians? I mean, seriously?

7. Very few people believe in the Greek gods today. Why do you think it is important that we learn about them?